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Class: Accounting


Description:  The student will learn the fundamentals of accounting for a service and merchandising business. Concentration is placed on the basic principles, concepts and procedures of accounting for a service (self-owned) proprietorship and merchandising partnership. These procedures are taught using computerized worksheets and reports.  All homework is assigned using a software program through the Internet.  Students use an internet homework site each night to do their daily work.  (Homework site is Aplia.com)




Century 21 Accounting : General Journal; Gilbertson/Lehman 9e, South-Western Educational & Professional Publ., 2009.  All students will use the website Aplia to do their homework. Each student will be given access to this site to do their nightly homework. It is imperative that you have a computer OR access to a computer in order to do your homework.



  • To learn the accounting cycle including facts, information and concepts
  • To develop an awareness of the accounting process and how it affects daily life and businesses
  • To consider pursuing careers in accounting


Course Content

Chapter 1-8 and San Rico Capstone project (first semester)

Chapters 9-17 and Unique Global Capstone project (second semester)


What to bring to class:  AGENDA, book, paper, writing instrument (pencil w/ eraser), calculator and YOURSELF.  YOUR BOOK IS IMPERATIVE TO YOUR LEARNING, PLEASE BRING IT DAILY.


Grading Scale:  See student handbook


Percentage Weight of Work

40 – Application, Mastery and Challenge work

35 - Tests

25 - Work together and On Your Own problems



All tests will be announced. If you miss a test or quiz and were aware of the test/quiz date, it needs to be taken the next day. If you are out for an extended period, a plan will be set up to make up tests/quizzes. Quizzes will not necessarily be announced. Please refer to "Rule" section, #2.



ALL NIGHTLY HOMEWORK IS DUE THE FOLLOWING MORNING AT 6:00 AM.  Your homework is checked by a computer program.  It will check each assignment by 6:00 AM of the morning it is due.  Due dates of homework will be announced.  The work is expected on the assigned date—at 6:00 AM.  IF ATTENDING CLASS ON THE DAY AN ASSIGNMENT IS DUE and you were here the prior day or knew about the due date AND THE WORK IS NOT DONE A ZERO WILL BE GIVEN.  NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTEDYou are responsible for obtaining make-up work on the day you return to school.   When absent only one day, the assignment is due the day after you return to class.  See me for extended absences make-up work.


You are considered tardy if you are not in the door when the bell rings. The fourth tardy will cause a 30 minute dentention with me and a communicate with you and a parent about the importance of being on time. The fifth tardy, you'll be sent to see the Ass't Principal.

Computer Equipment

  • Please treat the computer equipment in the classroom as if it was your own--your equipment, your responsibility.
    • Any intentional damage or misuse of computer equipment will not be tolerated and may result in removal from class.
  • The Internet will be used for classroom projects, research, and email. 
  • No games/no movies
    • One hour of detention will be assigned per violation.  On third offense, a meeting with the ass’t. principal will occur and possible expulsion from the classroom.
  • Students may not download or install software of any kind. 
  • You may not change any settings on the computers without specific permission from the teacher—that includes screen size, background pictures, etc.


1.  When the instructor is talking, you are listening.  The same courtesy will be extended to you. 

2. When you have an excused absence it is your responsibility to obtain a homework request sheet AND hand in ALL missed assignments, homework and take tests within three school days.  Try to make arrangements to write missed tests before or after school.  Failure to follow the above steps will result in a zero.  If it is an invalid absence, you will receive a zero for work and tests missed.   It is your responsibility to find out what assignments were made during your absence. 

3.  No food or drink in class. 

4. All assignments must be completed according to the directions and must be turned in on the due date.  Each day it is late is 10% off the received grade.


Consequences For Not Adhering to Equipment Policies and Rules:

1st offense:  A verbal warning will be issued

2nd offense:  Student will stay after class to discuss the matter and identify the problem.  Detention may be served

3rd offense:  Removal from the class and a conference between the student, the ass’t principal and teacher.  At this time a decision will be made as to whether the parents need to be called to arrange a conference.




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