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Motto:  Past performance is NOT a reliable indicator of future performance

ABSOLUTELY NO LATE WILL BE ACCEPTED. IF YOU ARE ABSENT, CHECK Google Classroom or CHECK WITH A CLASSMATE or CHECK WITH ME. All absent work is due one day after you return. If you are out longer for two days, see me due date. BE REPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR WORK AND DEADLINES.


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Morningstar Hello Wallet newMONEY College Planner - new site launched in 2015 College Budget Tool Money Advise from Students
The Motley Fool -- ask questions in Mutual Funds and Index Funds message board. Possible to be a millionaire at 56 saving only $4,326? How to Pay off $30K of Debt in 3 Years
Wisestockbuyer Financial Planning: Step 1 10 Ways to Save on College Costs
Investorplace Getting married - 5 money exercise for you and soon to be spouse 10 Steps to Minimize Student Loan Debt
Nerdwallet -- app to help keep you on track Paying for College
Small Steps To Health and Wealth How hard is it to get into the Millionarie's club Financial Aid 101
Five Behaviors that Get in the Way for Financial Freedom Have a $1,000 -- what can you do with it? 5 Big Financial Aid LIES
Getting Started With Investing BANK $1 Million - easier than you think FAFSA in five minutes
Buffet's top Income (Dividend) Stocks for 2015   Gauge the Price of College   Calculators   Popular Colleges
Warren Buffet's Lovers   Cash Course
    Compound Interest
     College Secrets: How to Save Money, Cut College Cost, Graduate Debt Free.


Optional Reading list

  • Detweile, Gerri (2003).  The Ultimate Credit Handbook: Cut Your Debt and Have a Lifetime of Great Credit, Third Edition Paperback
  • Chilton, D. (1998). The Wealthy Barber, Three Rivers Press

  • Bach, D. (2004). The Automatic Millionaire. New York: Broadway Books.

  • Franklin, D. (2006). So You Graduated College: A Financial Guide to Life After Graduation. Los Altos, CA: Keystone Enterprises, LLC.

  • Kobliner, B. (2009). Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties. New York: Fireside Books.


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Remain in your seat until the dismissal bell




Class:  Personal Finance




Fulfills Senior Math Related Graduation Requirement – Board Approved approximately Spring 2013


This course is designed and aligned to the National Standards for Personal Finance Education.  Broadly it will teach young people how to take individual responsibility for their personal economic well-being.   The curriculum will enable students to logically consider options and choices that will have lasting financial impact.  Topics will include the study of personal expenses, college/family budgets, income taxes, savings accounts relative to college and retirement, credit card

and other consumer issues, investment portfolios, risk management (life/disability insurance) and consumer loans such as auto and home mortgages. The knowledge and skills learned through this class will help students make good financial decisions—now and in the future.

Textbook usedManaging Your Personal Finances, 6e Ryan, © 2010 ISBN 978-0-538-449-373


 Objective:  Teach students how to be financially responsibility and financially successful for their future.


What to bring to class:  Book, binder with loose leaf--no spiral bound, writing instrument and YOURSELF


Grading Scale:  See student handbook



Due dates of homework will be announced.  The work is expected on the assigned date—at the beginning of class.  IF ATTENDING CLASS ON THE DAY AN ASSIGNMENT IS DUE AND THE WORK IS NOT DONE A ZERO WILL BE GIVEN.  NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.   You are responsible for obtaining make-up work on the day you return to school.   When absent only one day, the assignment is due the day after you return to class.  See me for extended absences make-up work.  All homework should have your name, date, class period and assignment name.


In-Class Work

This work is to be done while in class and is expected on my desk at the end of class.  Students who skip class will not be permitted to make up in-class work.


All tests will be announced. If you miss a test or quiz and were aware of the test/quiz date, it needs to be taken the next day. If you are out for an extended period, a plan will be set up to make up tests/quizzes. Quizzes will not necessarily be announced. Please refer to "Rule" section, #2.


You are considered tardy if you are not in the door when the bell rings. The fourth tardy will cause a 30 minute dentention with me and a communicate with you and a parent about the importance of being on time. The fifth tardy, you'll be sent to see the Ass't Principal.


Finance Articles

You may be assigned to review a current article dealing with finance of the current chapter or consumer/family/housing law in general.  It is acceptable to use the Internet to find your article; however, you must print the article (for points) to turn in with your summary.  Class time will be given to complete these.  Articles will be assigned through the semester.


Saving Data

All data must be saved to your G: drive.  Do not save to the C: drive.  The computers will be reprogrammed several times during the semester without notice and all work on the C: drive is erased during reprogramming.


Computer Equipment:

  • Please treat the computer equipment in the classroom as if it was your own--your equipment, your responsibility.
    • Any intentional damage or misuse of computer equipment will not be tolerated any may result in removal from class.
  • The Internet will be used for classroom projects, research, and email. 
  • No games
    • If caught, one hour of detention will be assigned.  On third offense, a meeting with the ass’t. principal will occur and possible expulsion from the classroom.
  • Students may not download or install software of any kind. 
  • You may not change any settings on the computers without specific permission from the teacher—that includes screen size, background pictures, etc.



1.  When the instructor is talking, you are listening.  The same courtesy will be extended to you. 

2. When you have an excused absence it is your responsibility to obtain a homework request sheet AND hand in ALL missed assignments, homework and take tests within three school days.  Try to make arrangements to write missed tests before or after school.  Failure to follow the above steps will result in a zero.  If it is an invalid absence, you will receive a zero for work and tests missed.   It is your responsibility to find out what assignments were made during your absence. 

3.  No food or drink in class. 

4. All assignments must be completed according to the directions and must be turned in on the due date.  Each day it is late is 10% off the received grade.


Consequences For Not Adhering to Equipment Policies and Rules:

1st offense:  A verbal warning will be issued

2nd offense:  Student will stay after class to discuss the matter and identify the problem.  Detention may be served

3rd offense:  Removal from the class and a conference between the student, the ass’t principal and teacher.  At this time a decision will be made as to whether the parents need to be called to arrange a conference.



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