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Class: Wed Design II - Flash CC

Goal:  To make a small animation with several screens of movement and an interactive website using Flash and other Adobe products


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Read the syllabus below.

Use the following links for quick access to the information on this syllabus:

Whether you'd like to build effective information tutorials or attention-getting animation sequences, the Adobe Flash environment is for you. Gain experience with this cutting-edge multimedia technology tool.

This  course is ideal for beginners with little or no prior experience using Flash software, a web animation authoring tool. The class provides experience developing web-based multimedia materials that contain sound, graphic, animation, and interactive components. Students will be involved in examining and evaluating existing Flash projects, gaining hands-on experience through a series of practical skills-building tasks, and planning and creating a meaningful, authentic final project such as an informational or instructional tutorial, a dynamic simulation, or an engaging multimedia activity. Regardless of whether you're interested in animation applications in library and information science, teaching and learning, or other fields, you'll find lots of practical ideas and develop marketable skills.

This course will expand your thinking about animation, interaction, and multimedia projects. It will also build your technical skills in using Adobe Flash. This Chapter of the course will be taught entirely online including web-based readings and resources, threaded discussions, plus online activities.

Course Materials

Required Software. This course requires use of the Adobe Flash software.  Our school district has a license and it is loaded on all machines in the lab

Required Readings. By completing the required online readings, using the AIM Your Flash Project PDF modules (Download each chapter from website), completing the online Try It activities, and using the help files that come with Flash, you may be able to create the required projects without additional print materials.


There is no textbook required for this Flash course. There is a text provided online in the course materials (Required Readings Above).

Course Assumptions

The following entry skills and prerequisites are required for this course:

  • previous basic experience with Web design is helpful, but not necessary.
  • demonstrate basic computer skills related to keyboarding
  • use technology as a personal productivity tool for activities such a word processing (Microsoft Word) and desktop presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • use a word processor
  • download drivers and plugins such as Real Media, Windows Media Player, and/or QuickTime to play audio and video from the web - directions are provided in class

This course makes the assumption that you are able to work independently. There are no required face-to-face meetings. There are no required synchronous online meetings. However, feel free to email or arrange a chat with your instructor any time!

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